Unacceptable Solutions Series Introduction

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Unacceptable Solutions Series Introduction Overview

A confluence of events, political, social and economic, over the last 30 years has led to the widespread use of combustible cladding on new buildings around the world - including residential apartments,schools, hospitals, and childcare centers in Australia.

Following the tragic death toll in the Grenfell cladding fire in London -  and substantial property damage from similar fires in Melbourne - Australian governments and regulators have scrambled to take action to have cladding removed… but so far all this has achieved is buck passing, more regulatory confusion and property owners everywhere left at risk… not knowing what to do,where to go for advice, and how to pay for a crisis not of their making.

Unacceptable Solutions is my 7-part mini documentary series that explains the cladding crisis to owners and professionals and points the way forward to safer buildings and restoring property values.

In this series I will take us beyond the blame game we seem to be stuck in at present and search for the truth about the cladding crisis.

Having studied these things for more than 2 years I am certain of only one thing. This problem was decades in the making,and we will be decades in the fixing. And this in itself provides more threatsand, indeed opportunities for the property industry than we might presently anticipate.

Please join me for this important series and the discussion I hope will follow about how we move to rid ourselves of what turned out to be an unacceptable solution.

More detail can be found in the video above.

Michael Teys

Michael Teys

Strata expert

Michael is a strata expert with over 30 years experience in strata law and management. He is a strata researcher with City Futures Research Centre UNSW, a consultant to strata industry suppliers, and conducts executive education for strata managers and property processionals.