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What makes our strata training different is that you get more than words. Every class or course we run comes with practical tools that make it easy for you to action what you have learnt.

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The Strata Manager’s Guideto Highly Effective AnnualGeneral Meetings

There’s much more to pulling off a great AGM than knowing how many days’ notice to give and how to count votes for a special resolution. Technical matters like this are important but owners assume you know these things. Technical knowledge alone won’t make you stand out from the pack.

It’s things like how to read a room , handle difficult situations and people calmly but firmly, and understanding group dynamic and decision-making theory that will set you apart , along with a well-developed self confidence that can withstand unfair criticism and unreasonable expectations of unhappy people.

That’s why I have written a new book called ‘ The Strata Managers Guide to Highly Effective Meetings’.

In one 50 page volume that is easy to read and has plenty of practical tips and traps. I’ve written about all things I've learnt over 30 plus years of going to AGM’s, and I have focused in the things you don’t get taught at strata school.

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